#HappyGoNappy is a lifestyle, design, and multimedia company that creates fly things for fly people. Our focus is primarily on all things: the people, the community, and industry. However, our aim is to design solutions that cater to the needs of people across a broad spectrum.

Our goal is to create things that are inspiring, entertaining, and beautifully designed.

Our frame of reference is black culture. We don’t apologize for who we are, how we look, or how others feel about us.

We set our own standards.

And even though we understand that we are a business, we choose to stay committed to uplifting our community. What we create will always be centered around encouraging people of color to accept their natural beauty.

Our first two offerings are:

The Natural Hair StarterKit by #HappyGoNappy


The Natural Hair StarterKit™ by #HappyGoNappy is a premier subscription service specifically designed for black women who want to go from relaxed to natural hair.

Our new subscription service will provide subscribers with hair products, styling tools, and instruction to help them return to natural textured hair.

The Natural Hair StarterKit™ by #HappyGoNappy aims to make it as simple as possible for women to go from relaxed to healthy natural hair.

Roots and Culture: The Natural Hair Show


Roots and Culture: The Natural Hair Show is a podcast that showcases the creatives, trendsetters and entrepreneurs who are innovating in the natural hair industry.

Each show will be a fun and thoughtful conversation about natural hair, black culture, entrepreneurship, and current events. 

Our intention for the show is to provide inspiring and entertaining content that encourages people of color to accept their natural beauty.

As we build and grow, we hope that we will always inspire you.

Aspire to inspire…

Joseph Marcus,
Chief Creative Officer
e: joseph{at}happygonappy.com

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