Podcast: Loux Founders Interview (MyLoux.com) Part One

Kadian Langlais, Chad Bobcombe, and Aisha Bobcombe: the Loux team.

Kadian Langlais, Chad Bobcombe, and Aisha Bobcombe: the Loux team.

For this recording of “Roots & Culture: The Natural Hair Podcast”, I had the opportunity to speak with Aisha and Chad Bobcombe, two of the founders of Loux (www.myloux.com). Loux is an online retailer that specializes in the ethnic hair care market. Loux’s mission is “to celebrate the ethnic woman by providing a unique, unmatched and personalized online shopping experience for her hair care product needs.”


Their website is like an upscale boutique where you can find hundreds of different hair and beauty products; both your favorites and, newer or maybe unfamiliar ones.


Aisha and Chad shared a wealth of insightful information on their company, the natural hair community and it’s potential for growth, their personal challenges as entrepreneurs, and a whole lot more. Our interview is broken down into two parts and, part one is featured above.


Aisha Bobcombe

On part one of this show, Aisha and Chad share with us:

  • Where did the inspiration for Loux come from?
  • What separates Loux from “big-box” brick and mortar retailers?
  • Why some retailers neglect the ethnic hair care market?
  • What are some of the challenges they faced as entrepreneurs?
  • How Loux seeks to meet the hair care needs of women of color.
  • How it feels to work with a spouse as business partner.
  • What opportunities do they see in the natural hair community?

Chad Bobcombe

Aisha and Chad are open to new business partnerships and you can contact Loux online at:

If you would like to be featured on our show or, have ideas for future shows, please contact us here.




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