Podcast: Victoria Sallie Interview (Talk Tresses Blog)


Victoria Sallie is the publisher of the Talk Tresses blog (www.talktresses.com) and, Public Relations Coordinator for hair care e-tailer, Loux (www.myloux.com). Her infectious smile, positive energy, and social media acumen is helping her to distinguish herself in the natural hair community.

For our first recording of “Roots & Culture: The Natural Hair Podcast“, I had a lively conversation with Victoria about a broad range of topics. We talked about natural hair, her own natural hair journey, social media, and a lot more.

It was a pleasure to have Victoria on the show! She was a great guest and I sincerely hope you will enjoy listening.

Special Update: We would like to give a special congratulations to Victoria for her recent graduation from St. Johns University! You did it! All the best to you and, may all your dreams come true!

A few questions I ask Victoria:

  • What influenced her to go natural?
  • How hard was it for her to go natural in a foreign country?
  • What she feels is the biggest misconception about natural hair?
  • How did she start blogging?
  • What does she want to contribute to the natural hair community?
  • What has been her proudest accomplishment up to this point?
  • Where does she see the natural hair movement going next?

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Find Victoria online at:

Watch Victoria’s “How to Make a Crochet Wig”

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